Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Letter To My Friend

Dear Mrs. Bennett:

I find it hard to believe that you are really gone.   It is nearly impossible to find words to say when someone passes away too soon.  With sudden death, you have no preparation and no time to gradually absorb the reality that the world around you is about to change dramatically.

Unfortunately, I realize that you are only one of the big losses I will face in my life.  So many of my dear friends are getting older and no longer seem as invincible as they once did.  I am grateful for the hope I have in Jesus knowing I will see you and others again in Heaven.

I don’t know about Gary Smalley’s five love languages, but I do know that YOU spoke MY love language.  EVERY time we saw each other you would hug me  --  the perfect hug that is relaxed and sincere; a hug where your embrace wrapped around me so tight I could feel your heartbeat.  Then you would place your hands on my face, kiss me (yes, kiss me and it wasn’t weird), make eye contact with me and say, “I love you”.  You loved me unconditionally, and that changed my life!  It was freeing because you allowed me to always be myself with no worries that your feelings for me would ever change.  When someone loves you truly unconditionally, it drives you to try even harder to be the best person you can be.

Friendship is renewable, but people are not.  No person or new friendship will ever quite replace you.  But...your memory will always be alive in my heart.  When I close my eyes and whisper "Geri Bennett", I will always see your sweet face and beautiful smile.

Julie  --  AKA Mrs. Jones :0)