Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Redding Bucket List

Some of you will remember that I recently wrote about a Redding Bucket List I had made after I toured Shasta Dam. It's a shame that I have lived in Redding my whole life and have never done some of these things. Here's my list so far (might add to it as I think of other things):
  1. Eat at Jack's
  2. Go to the Kool April Nites parade
  3. Attend the Redding Rodeo
  4. See the Sculpture Park at City Hall
  5. Go to the Civic Auditorium to enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks
  6. Go to a Farmer's Market
  7. Go to the Hawe's Ranch at Halloween
  8. Eat at the French Gulch Hotel and look through the General Store
  9. Go to Market Fest
  10. Attend a game at the Big League Dreams Sports Park

As you can see, I have crossed an item off my list!! Yes, I ate at Jack's Grill for the first time the other night for my friend Audrey's birthday.

For those of you who don't live in Redding, I'll share some of the history from

"The old adage that looks can be deceiving is never truer than in the case of Jack's Grill. Walking into this unassuming restaurant is in many ways like walking into the 1930s. The retro atmosphere is one of its draws, but people come to Jack's for one very good reason: its choice steaks. Locally owned from the beginning, the restaurant has justifiably become a Redding institution.

The history of Jack's Grill is a colorful one. Built in 1935 by Bill Morrison, the two-story structure on California Street originally housed a second-hand store. In 1938, Morrison leased the downstairs to Jack Young, a World War I flying ace, who opened a bar and grill. The last thing the town needed at that time was another bar, but Jack's was successful nonetheless. In the years just prior to World War II, Redding was a boomtown filled with thousands of men who had come to work on the railroads, the construction of Shasta Dam or in the mines. In the best Old West tradition, it was also a raucous, wide-open town, and California Street was an infamous strip of bars, hotels, restaurants and several houses of prostitution (including the upstairs of Jack's Grill for a brief time in the early 1940s). Of the numerous bars that sprang up during that era, Jack's is the only one to survive...

Jack's Grill has held fast to the traditions that made it successful. Believing that “if it ain't broke, don't fix it,” the owners have resisted the temptation to modernize the restaurant. The building still sports the façade and décor of its early days, including two original Old West-style paintings by a down-on-his-luck artist who was befriended by the original bar owner..."

I must say it was quite an experience to eat there. It was VERY dark in there and CROWDED!!! Here's a picture of Patty using her cell phone to see her food. They bring you a flashlight (which you definitely need) when they bring the bill.

Here's a picture of Patty, the birthday girl Audrey, and Kim:

I'm glad I went, but I really have no desire to go back again. The food was delicious, but I didn't think it was any better than Cattlemen's (just my opinion :0) ). At Cattlemen's I can see what I'm eating, don't have people standing next to me waiting for a table, can get free refills on my soda, and free refills on the bread basket. BUT...NOW I CAN SAY I'VE EATEN AT JACKS!!! :0)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Powder Puff Football

A powder puff football game is an end-of-the-year tradition at Redding Christian High School. The sophomore and senior girls take on the freshmen and junior girls. The boys from these classes who want to participate are the cheerleaders. The freshmen and juniors won. The prize is nothing else than bragging rights (and, of course, a cool t-shirt to wear all next year).

This year, the game was held at night on the football field so the parents could watch and cheer. I must say, we were a “rowdy group” in the stands. Mr. Schneck was the announcer and did a great job!!

The sophomore and seniors were the "Dangerous Dragons"...

And the freshman and juniors were "911, We're Your Emergency"...

Here's those "Dangerous Dragons" cheerleaders rooting for their team...

At the beginning of halftime, the 911 cheerleaders came running in from the sidelines with stretcher and a small stuffed dragon. They stopped in front of the stands, and one of the cheerleaders hopped up on the stretcher and started performing CPR on the dragon. Finally, he gave up and pronounced to the crowd, "The dragon is dead!"

Here is Lyle's cheerleader squad doing their halftime routine to music...

The Dangerous Dragons lost :0( but we still went to Good Times Pizza to "celebrate" all the fun we had with a delicious milkshake.

Jeff, Lyle, Garrett, Hannah and Jillian

I'm SOOOOOO thankful for RCHS. Not only do they have strong academic standards, but they provide lots of opportunity for the kids to have good, clean fun and build memories!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grands Biscuits and a Naughty Kitty

Several weeks ago, I unloaded the car after doing some major grocery shopping. I then decided to start a load of laundry before putting the groceries away, so I headed to the garage. On my way back, the phone rang and I answered it in the office. Only talked for about 15 minutes, but when I came back in the living room, I found this:

Yes, somehow the cat had gotten my Grands Bisquits can open (I still don't know how) and was eating them. Usually when he is doing something wrong when I walk into a room, he runs. But, not this time!! He was enjoying those biscuits way too much! Who knew cats liked raw bisquits?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tea For Two (or Six)

Several weeks ago, Hilary asked me to help her put on a tea party for some of her friends. We had such a fun time gathering ideas and recipes and planning the party. Hilary invited ten girls, and six were able to come. Wanted to invite you to join us, too, through pictures:

First, pick out your favorite teacup:

Then decide what kind of tea you would like. Don't forget the sugar cubes!!!

Next, load up your plate with lots of goodies:

You'll want to have a chocolate-dipped strawberry and a cheesecake chocolate dessert cup:

You have your choice of ham and cheese, salami and cheese or cucumber sandwiches. Why not try one of each?

Don't forget to get a fruit kabob and some homemade chocolate chip cookies:

Hilary made regular and vanilla scones from a recipe she found on the internet. There were delicious. Don't forget to put some berry or stawberry preserves on your scone:

Here's the girls young ladies gathered around the table. Join them for some "girl talk" and laughter!!

Thanks for joining us!! Hope you had a great time at the "picture" tea party!

(As I sit typing this post, I can hear the girls in the kitchen talking and laughing. What a joy it brings to my heart to hear their laughter. )

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Hearts Were Young And Gay

Here's some pictures from the play, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, that Lyle was in a few weeks ago. It was hilarious!! He did a great job (if I do say so myself!) :0)

Every fall, Redding Christian puts on an All-School Musical at the Cascade Theater. Some of you might remember that last year they did Beauty and the Beast. The director, Mrs. Orr, had a pinata party on Thursday for all the cast from last year's play. They broke the pinata, and all the candy fell out. No big deal, you say, but it was!! Hidden in the wrapper of one of those pieces of candy was a small slip of paper announcing what play they will be doing in the fall. It's...


Auditions will begin August 2nd!! Lyle can't wait!!! :0)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Weight

Oh to be the weight listed
on my drivers' license! :0)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day To Me

On May 1st, Bob sat down with me that morning and showed me my Mothers' Day present. Here's a picture of it, but you are probably asking, "What is it?"

Well, Bob is doing all the grocery shopping and cooking dinner during the month of May. Yes, he has his menu all planned out for each night. I AM ONE LUCKY WOMAN!! This gift required thought, planning, organization, his time, sacrifices, and is one BIG labor of love! Thank you, babe!

And, a picture of my two blessings!!

There just aren't words to describe the love I feel for Hilary and Lyle. I feel so truly blessed to be their mother, and I praise and thank God everyday for them. I'm not a perfect mother, by no means, but I would give my life for those two kids!