Monday, May 19, 2014

Celebrating Grace

On Saturday, I attended a bridal shower for my friend, Grace.  What a fun time of celebrating with Grace and showering her with our presence and presents!  

Oh, what a testimony Grace has been to me and many others.  Like most girls, Grace always dreamed of growing up and getting married.  She has been patient all these years and trusted the Lord.  Oh, yes, there have been times of discouragement and wondering if it would ever happen.  But she trusted God with all her heart, and now (at 49 years old) she is getting married!  It was so fun to hear the story of how God brought them together.  I am so happy for Grace and for John, too!  John is a widower and also lost his only child in a car accident two years ago. What joy and happiness God has given John by bringing them together.

These two will make such a great team!