Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Rock, Lyle!!

It's time, once again, for Redding Christian's All-School Musical. They will be performing Beauty and the Beast at the Cascade Theater on October 23rd (7:00 p.m.) and October 24th (2:00 p.m.). If you have never been to one of their musicals, you should plan to come. They do a fantastic job!

Auditions were held last week for the musical. The auditions included preparing and singing a solo, learning a dance at auditions and performing it, and then singing a song that Mrs. Orr picked from the musical. Lyle made it through auditions on Monday and Tuesday and was "called back" on Wednesday. On Thursday, the list of characters was posted, and rehearsals began on Friday.

If you come to the musical, be sure and watch for this little guy:

Yes, Lyle got the part of Lumiere, the French candlestick. He even has two solos!!

Congratulations, Lyle!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Picture View of our Anniversary Celebration

Join me for a view, through pictures, of how Bob and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary:
After we dropped Lyle off at school, we went to Deja Vu for breakfast:

We had never been to the Turtle Bay Museum, so we splurged and went In addition to all the fun things to see in the Museum, the had a large Lego display. Here's Bob standing next to a pencil made entirely of Legos:
They also have a special exhibit of a T. Rex named Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved T. rex fossil yet discovered. Sue was discovered in the summer of 1990 in Faith, South Dakota:

Can I just add something here? It is a shame that Turtle Bay charges so much. It makes it so hard for local families to go there, and it is a neat place!! Enough about that subject! I could go on and on sharing my opinion on that topic.

After Turtle Bay, we went to the movies. We saw 500 Days of Summer! We even splurged and shared popcorn and a soda. We both enjoyed the movie. Their advertisement says, "This is not a love story; it is a story about love." I won't spoil it for those who want to see it or rent it someday.
After the movie, we went to Epperson's Furniture Store in Anderson. I am dreaming about a couch I saw there (notice I said "dreaming"), and I wanted Bob to see it. We also went to Walmart in Anderson and "dreamed" about the flat screen televisions. :)

We ended the day with dinner at Cool Hand Luke's. Our dear friends, the Kesslers, had given us a gift certificate when they were here visiting to use for our anniversary dinner. THANK YOU, KESSLERS!!! YOU ARE AWESOME FRIENDS!!!
Last, but not least, check out what Bob gave me for our anniversary:
I have never had a dozen roses, and I always dreamed about getting some. Well, Bob had some help -- He went to his own personal florist (Diehl Flowers). Carmen bought the flowers, arranged them, made the beautiful bow and delivered them. They are sooooooo pretty, don't you agree?? Thank you, Carmen, for helping Bob!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 Years of Marriage

May 10, 1983 started the best day of the rest of my life. I had my first date with Bob Jones. He prepared a picnic dinner (which we ate by the river behind the Redding Convention Center) and then we attended an All-Church Skate Party. We got to know each other more as we spent time together and shared our childhood stories, our likes and dislikes, and our dreams and hopes. Becoming best friends strengthened our relationship and grew into a love you only dream about. On November 20, 1983, he totally surprised me (he never even mentioned the word “marriage” once) with an engagement ring.

On August 25, 1984, we vowed, before God, our family, and friends, to “take each other to be my husband/wife, to have and to hold from this day forward,

for better or for worse (Being married isn’t always easy, and Bob and I do not have a perfect marriage. Yes, there have been many “worse” times mixed in with the “better”.)

for richer or for poorer (We haven’t experienced the “richer” part yet :), but we have certainly experienced the “poorer” part.)

in sickness and in health (between the two of us we have had 8 surgeries over the last 25 years ,and Bob’s ongoing health issues have taught us to life each day to the fullest.)

to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

And here we are 25 years later…

25 years of marriage -- This is a big milestone in our life! Happy Anniversary, Bob!! I love you bunches!

P.S. Someone said this is our "golden anniversary" because we are married 25 years on the 25th!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Picture View of Our Weekend

Lyle was busy working on Math and History (Thank you, Mr. Schneck, for homework over the weekend!!) :(

He also spent some time "visiting" with Kitty. Kitty misses Lyle now that he is back in school.

After all that homework, a nice swim cools you off and rejuvenates those brain cells!!

I was busy baking on Saturday,

and, of course, doing several loads of laundry!

Hilary was at a small job on Saturday morning. Ethan and Bob worked on Ethan's car most of Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Working on a car is always a bigger job than you think it is going to be.

When Hilary came home in the afternoon, she got in on the car repairs:

A special treat was an afternoon visit from one of our most favorite people - Michael Black! He brought us a nice present for our anniversary. Thank you, Michael!!!

On Saturday night, Bob, Ethan, Hilary, and Lyle went out to dinner while I got together with my dear friends I used to work with. We had not gotten together since May (too long if you ask me!!).

Sunday was church, a Women's Retreat Committee Meeting, and finishing up Ethan's car. The kids played in the pool until around 9:00 p.m., and then we introduced Ethan to one of our favorites -- Mickey Mouse Waffles.

WOW!! What a weekend!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Celebrating With Friends

Last night, our dear friends Dick and Karen, invited us to go to dinner at Cool Hand Luke's to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. Karen invited Jim and Carmen to join us too! What a great night -- good food, good friends, and good fellowship!!

And, someone who has no brain (although we won't mention any names) forgot to get the camera out of her purse and take a picture. :(

Snail Mail

At the end of the work day, going home and checking personal e-mails isn’t always high on the priority list. But, according to the Postal Service, 98% of Americans check to see if they got any mail.

When I turn the key to my mailbox, I’m always hoping for something exciting. Amid all the bills, magazines, credit card offers, pizza coupons, and junk mail, I’m hoping to find an envelope with my name and address lovingly scrolled in a familiar handwriting. I’m not talking about a postcard from a vacationing family member or even a nice thank you (although I like those, too!). No, I’m hoping for the rarest treat of all -- a personal letter or card!!

This week I opened my mailbox to find this card from my dear friend, Becky. What a pleasant surprise, especially when you think about how she took the time to buy the card, write in it, address the envelope, and put it in a postal collection box.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against phone calls, faxes, e-mails, texts, or blog comments. I would not be able to depend on the good old postal system for all the news and information I need to exchange with others. All those electronic messages are convenient and useful, but they lack the personal touch that comes from holding a handwritten letter or card. To me, the cards and letters I receive are like the “real presence” of love and friendship.

And a letter or card can be enjoyed over and over again. Becky’s card is on my dresser, and this morning was the 4th time I read it (Yes, I am pathetic!). Every time I read it, I feel loved, special, encouraged, blessed, and uplifted!!!

You may disagree with me (and that's okay), but I think snail mail is the best!!!! I challenge you to encourage someone next week by sending a card, note, or letter through the US Postal Service. I know you will bless their heart (and you'll feel sooo good!!).

P.S. Becky, thank you for sharing your life with me and allowing me to share mine!! You are a precious gift from God!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Laugh For The Day

I can especially relate to the part about the children's names and the glasses!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Too Bad A Picture

My mother, brother, and I all have at least one thing in common -- WE ABSOLUTELY HATE HAVING OUR PICTURE TAKEN!!! But I think we must all agree -- This one's not TOO bad!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Here's some pictures I took this morning on the first day of school:



Their facial expressions say a lot! Let me translate for you:

Lyle's facial expression says:
  • I cannot believe school is starting on August 17th!! Whatever happened to starting school the day after Labor Day like they did in the "olden days". (Are you saying I'm old, Lyle?)
  • Wearing something besides gym shorts and flip flops is torturous!!!!!!
  • My backpack is HEAVY with all these school supplies!
  • My lunch pail is cool. Hope my Mom packed me something great!!!

Hilary's facial expression says just one thing:

  • I can't believe I am 19 years old, a sophomore in college, and my Mom still wants to take a picture of me on the first day of school!! UGH!!!!

What would you do without me to translate for you?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Falls Fun In The Summer

My brother, Wes, came up for the weekend. We had a great time eating out, laughing, visiting, and playing cards.

Saturday we went to Burney Falls (one of my family's favorite places to go!). We enjoyed a delicious picnic of fried chicken, pasta salad, watermelon, chips, fruit, and brownies and cookies for dessert!

Then, of course, we hiked down to the Falls:

And around the loop to the top of the Falls (followed by ice cream cones at the store):

Then we drove back to Redding for a delicious dinner at Peter Chu's (another family favorite):

We ended the evening with a fun game of cards and Uncle Wesley teasing Hilary!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reading Glasses

I know what you're thinking...Julie's way TOO young to wear reading glasses. Thank you!! But the reality is that I must wear them. I have a pair that I wear around the house and a pair that I carry in my purse. And, as Lyle will tell you, I NEVER know where my glasses are!! It seems to me they are never where I remember having them last. Okay, so I need reading glasses AND I'm forgetful!!

There is no use fighting the fact that at some point everyone needs reading glasses. And there is no reason to tie yourself to a boring pair. Have fun with funky colors, crazy shapes and rhinestone embellishments. These are my new ones. I don't think my family likes them too much! What do you think?

P.S. How can anything that's red be ugly???

Monday, August 10, 2009

7 Days of Freedom

We have exactly 7 more days of freedom and summer fun. And then it's off to the dreaded "S" word (school):

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Fun...

After Hilary spent the day at the lake with friends yesterday, we celebrated together last night with some birthday fun...

A delicious dinner at Cattlemen's (Thank you, Gramz!)...

Ethan (wearing Hilary's birthday hat they gave her at the restaurant), Hilary, and Lyle

Gramz and Bob

Chocolate cheesecake and a cheesecake Mom made for those who don't like chocolate...


Trying her new Skull Candy Headphones out:

A fun card game together...

I think Hilary had a great 19th birthday!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

19 Years Ago

19 years ago, after 28 hours of labor and one miserable day, the end result at 9:36 p.m. was this beautiful baby girl:

And now, 19 years later, here's that beautiful baby (still my baby) girl:

Hilary is a beautiful girl, both inside and out!! She is smart, adventurous, loves to shop, likes the outdoors, and is loved very, very much by ME!!!! Happy Birthday, Hil!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The View From My Back Door

After dinner, while I was cleaning up the kitchen, I happened to look out and saw this beautiful view from my sliding glass door (pardon my ugly-looking fence):

Reconnected...And It Feels So Good!

Let me start out by saying two things that really don't have to do with this post:

1. I can't even believe I am posting a picture of myself on my blog!!! What am I thinking? (I did it because I really wanted you to see my amazing friend Kim! :)

2. Hilary, this picture shows you one of the reasons I HATE having two different colored eyes. Whenever I have a picture taken, my eyes look HORRIBLE!!!! So, yes, I wish I could trade eyes with you!!

Okay, on to my post:

I have known Kim for about 35 years. We grew up in the same church, and I have fond memories of fun times with Kim in the high school youth group. My husband worked with her husband at her Dad's plumbing business for years. Bob and I didn't have children for six years, so we had some fun times babysitting Tyler (Can't believe he is all grown up now!!).

Kim and I have not seen each other very much over the last several years; but, thanks to the blogging world, we have reconnected!! Kim is a faithful follower of my blog. I love opening up and finding a comment from Kim. She is soooo faithful at commenting!! Thanks, Kim!!

We met last night at YAK's (a local coffee shop). What a great time of reconnecting -- sharing about our lives, talking about our children, and sharing how the Lord is working in our lives. I always thought Kim was an amazingly sweet person, and she hasn't changed a bit!! Thank you, Kim, for a wonderful time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look Who Came To Visit

Whenever I count my many blessings, I am sooo very thankful for good friends who are like family to me. I met the Kesslers when I was 14 years old, and we have been good friends every since. I grieved the day, 25 years ago, that they moved to Alaska.

Cedric and JoAnn came "outside" (that's what Alaskans call coming to the lower 48 states) to attend Cedric's class reunion from Dunsmuir High School. We have had such a great time visiting with them. Our days have included sitting around my Mom's table for hours, laughing and reminiscing...eating, shopping, and more shopping...Starbucks coffee every day..."Auntie JoAnn" spoiling us...and Cedric (BLESS HIS HEART!!!) doing some repairs/painting for my Mom. Here's a picture of us at Outback enjoying a delicious steak dinner:

One of the reasons I was excited for the Kesslers to come to Redding was to see my kitchen table that they graciously bought for me. I had dreamed of having a 50's diner table for sooooo many years, and I have to admit that I thought I would never have one. Well, thanks to the Kesslers, that dream became a reality a couple of years ago. Isn't it great????

If you think Redding doesn't have the greatest shopping or restaurants, you should hang out with someone from Alaska (that doesn't live in Anchorage or Fairbanks). It gives you a new appreciation for all our stores and restaurants!!