Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Brother and My Friend

Through good times and bad...
Some I'll always remember
Some I wish I could forget,
Remember you will always be
My brother and my friend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A "Visit" With My Daddy

Some people do not like visiting their loved one's gravesite, and I respect that. Do what's right for you, not necessarily someone else. I grew up in a family where, in honor of Memorial Day, it's a tradition (that goes way, way back) to not only decorate the military graves but those of anyone and everyone we ever knew (well, slight exaggeration but not by much). :0)'

For me, I have found that a cemetery is a place you don't pay much attention to until someone close to you is buried there. Then it becomes a place you visit like visiting an old friends' house. I lost my precious Daddy almost 13 years ago (and it seems like yesterday). My mom and I often visit the cemetery (sometimes together and sometimes separately) where he is just to do general maintenance around his gravesite. The cemetery has a wonderful maintenance crew that regularly mows and weed-eats, but we go to do the 'usual' tidying up type stuff, like cleaning off the bird droppings, sweeping off the grass clippings with a small broom (my job title: “Grim Sweeper” Ha!), and changing the flowers for the different seasons.

Going there is a pleasant experience for the most part, and I find comfort in visiting his gravesite. Crying is sometimes included, but that's okay too. At the risk of you thinking I’ve totally lost it, I’ll even admit that sometimes I talk to my Daddy while I’m there. I think talking to someone we lost is something we all have done, will do, or have at least thought about doing. Yes, I do know that he’s not there and I can’t say he hears me, but I like to imagine what his answer would be or how he would laugh at me or give me a crazy look.

I miss my Daddy so much!! The world lost an AWESOME man the day he died!