Saturday, January 16, 2010

Church Signs

Almost anywhere you go, you will probably pass a church sign. Most churches have them set up in front to advertise their church and give church information. The sayings on the signs are as varied as the churches that post them. Sometimes they make you laugh, and sometimes they make you think.

Palo Cedro Community Church has the greatest sayings on their church sign. They change it every week, so I look forward to Monday mornings when I take Lyle to school. When I read this week's, I just said, "WOW!!"

We certainly have an unknown future right now! This is a scary time here in our country and around the world. While looking at an unknown and uncertain future, our emotional responses are usually fear and doubt. But, God is in control! God is good (all the time)! He is all-knowing! He's been faithful in the past, and He will always be faithful! AMEN??


  1. Thanks for sharing that. What a comfort to be reminded of!