Monday, April 19, 2010

Where Did That Little Baby Go?

Where did this little baby born on April 18th go?

Oh, he turned into this darling little three year old cowboy...

Who turned into this cute little 2nd grader...

Who then turned into this fun 5th grader...

Who turned into this handsome 8th grader...

Then the years continued to just fly by!! And...that little baby turned into a 16 year old...

WOW!!!! They say "Time flys when you are having fun." Time has flown, and I've had soooo much fun having a great son like you, Lyle!!! Happy 16th Birthday (one day late).


  1. Happy Birthday Lyle! Hope it was a super day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lyle! We are very proud of you and love you very much. Uncle Scott, Auntie Jill and Carmella.

  3. Happy Birthday Lyle!!! my iPhone calendar not work very well this year :)
    wish you have a Great BD PARTY!!!