Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A "Visit" With My Daddy

Some people do not like visiting their loved one's gravesite, and I respect that. Do what's right for you, not necessarily someone else. I grew up in a family where, in honor of Memorial Day, it's a tradition (that goes way, way back) to not only decorate the military graves but those of anyone and everyone we ever knew (well, slight exaggeration but not by much). :0)'

For me, I have found that a cemetery is a place you don't pay much attention to until someone close to you is buried there. Then it becomes a place you visit like visiting an old friends' house. I lost my precious Daddy almost 13 years ago (and it seems like yesterday). My mom and I often visit the cemetery (sometimes together and sometimes separately) where he is just to do general maintenance around his gravesite. The cemetery has a wonderful maintenance crew that regularly mows and weed-eats, but we go to do the 'usual' tidying up type stuff, like cleaning off the bird droppings, sweeping off the grass clippings with a small broom (my job title: “Grim Sweeper” Ha!), and changing the flowers for the different seasons.

Going there is a pleasant experience for the most part, and I find comfort in visiting his gravesite. Crying is sometimes included, but that's okay too. At the risk of you thinking I’ve totally lost it, I’ll even admit that sometimes I talk to my Daddy while I’m there. I think talking to someone we lost is something we all have done, will do, or have at least thought about doing. Yes, I do know that he’s not there and I can’t say he hears me, but I like to imagine what his answer would be or how he would laugh at me or give me a crazy look.

I miss my Daddy so much!! The world lost an AWESOME man the day he died!


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I cannot even imagine how much you must miss your Dad. I'm glad you find comfort in going to the cemetery and talking to him. Not crazy at all. You are an amazing woman.

  2. Your Dad was a special man. I wish he was still with us, he was always so much fun to be around. Love you, Jill