Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hilary

Last Sunday was Hilary's 20th birthday! We celebrated with a great dinner at Cattlemen's, delicious cheesecake, some great games of Mexican Train Dominos, cards and presents, and ended the day watching a movie together (Braveheart).

Hilary, it seems like only yesterday you were born. Then I blinked, and you were turning 10. How excited you were to enter the "double digits.” Then I blinked again, and you have now turned 20 and left the "teens" behind.

It’s a new decade! Embrace it!! Enjoy it!! Lots of exciting, life-changing things happen in a person's 20s -- you graduate from college, decide where you want to live, begin your career, meet your life partner, possibly get married, etc. You will make mistakes, but in your 20’s you still have the energy, zeal, and child-like wonder to laugh, get up, and try again!

Happy Birthday to my little girl young woman!!


  1. WOW !!
    time go fast!! she turn 20 already :)
    Happy BD Hilary!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hilary! Love to you all!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post for a few days. Happy Birthday Hilary! And yes Julie, they do grow up so quickly.

  4. Happy Birthday Hilary. I remembered your birthday on the day it was but was flying around in airplanes. I know it was a good one.