Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

Ethan's parents invited us over to Douglas City on Sunday afternoon for a BBQ. We had such a relaxing car ride (well I did since I wasn't driving), enjoying the beautiful scenery along Highway 299. John and Peggy are delightful people, and we felt "right at home". The Trinity River is literally right across the little one-lane road that runs in front of their house.

The afternoon was spent walking down by the river:

Trying out the swing they have in a tree in the front yard:

(Ethan can REALLY go high! He's had lots of practice!)

Relaxing in the porch swing:

Riding John's new bike:

And visiting!! Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner and a fun card game!! Thank you, John and Peggy, for welcoming us into your home!


  1. What a nice afternoon. I'm impressed with how you got 3 pictures into one spot. I couldn't do that I'm sure. (Thanks for your comment on my blog as well, appreciate your prayers.)