Monday, May 16, 2011

Is Food A Love Language?

Can I just say how much I love food? I love my husband, but I must admit that I am involved in a food affair that has been going on for many, many years. It’s that Haley blood! Their motto is, “If all else fails, EAT!” When you’re happy, EAT! Smother your sadness with a helping of gravy over a pile of mashed potatoes! When you’re stressed, EAT! Carbohydrates cure! Instead of worrying, just EAT! We have most of our family get-togethers at my Aunt Monda’s house. At her house, when you are full enough to unbutton your pants, she starts offering you dessert! :0)

(Is this not the cutest dish ever?)

Food speaks love to me!! Gary Smalley says there are five love languages, but he forgot about the most imporant one -- FOOD! I can’t tell you how loved I felt when my dear friend, Karla Haddleton, showed up recently with her delicious seven-layer dip that I absolutely LOVE! (and, of course, some chips). And, it was in the cutest dish you have ever seen (which made it taste even better!). Thank you, Karla, for speaking LOVE to me!!


  1. Super cute! Love your love language too! Definitely something to be said for that!

  2. Another reason I should live by you, I love to bake and I could keep you in good supply of baked goods! Love you, Jill