Monday, February 20, 2012

Hilary At Age 31

This weekend, as I was looking through a box of school papers, I found this little guy:

I wish I knew how old Hilary was or what grade she was in when she colored this little astronaut and wrote about her future plans (at age 31). She thought her family would consist of "too many pets to name". She said her jobs would be: "vet, animal trainer, asternaought and mairen biolegest". Well, this semester she changed her major to Zoology/Marine Biology. Interesting!

P.S. She also said her greatest success in life would be: "first girl on the moon." :0)


  1. Not sure how it is possible for her to be in college chasing the dreams she documented for you. SO ADORABLE

  2. Hilary may have another calling with an art major! I could never draw an astronaut like that! I think being a zoologist/marine biologist is pretty amazing and FUN! Thanks for sharing that Julie!

  3. Julie, I have one of these too and mine says 3rd on the back, so I am guessing that was when it was. I am glad she changed her major to "marien" biology, it has been in her heart so long! I remember all of these jobs being what she wanted so much... oh and to not only be the first girl on the moon, but to build a bubble around the moon so she could live there. I heard her detailed plan of this so many times :)