Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dishin' Up The Details

“We have to talk. You are going to freak out!” Bob announced when I arrived home from the Enterprise Starship Variety Hour on Friday, February 24th. We couldn’t “talk” until Lyle went to bed, and it was Friday night so he was staying up late. Finally at 11:30, I insisted he go to bed since I couldn’t stand it one more minute. Of course, being the pessimist I am (and not thinking it had to do with Hilary and Ethan), my mind was reeling with all kinds of “worst case scenarios”.

Ethan and Hilary had come to Redding late that afternoon for a quick trip to the doctor (unfortunately), dinner with us and then they drove straight back to the coast. While Hilary was in the bathroom, Ethan told Bob he would like to talk to us next weekend about asking Hilary to marry him. Bob told me this later that night and anxiously awaited my reaction. I had two emotions: relief that it wasn’t one of my “worst case scenarios” and then total SHOCK! I thought the plan was always to wait until they had graduated. Well, plans change! :0)

The next weekend, the kids were coming for a Jones Family Reunion. We talked with Ethan while Hilary was in the shower and getting ready. Side note: Guess I finally found a reason to be thankful that Hilary takes the longggggeeeeesssssttttt showers in the world! Even though Ethan did not have a goat to offer us (inside joke), we still said yes.

On Saturday, March 10th, Ethan and Hilary hiked to Canyon Creek Falls in Trinity County. When they arrived at the falls, Ethan sang to Hilary and they slow danced (I know! Pretty romantic! Way to go, Ethan!). Afterwards, he pulled the ring box out of his backpack and got down on one knee and proposed. Side note from me: Hiking four miles uphill is not my idea of fun, but Ethan and Hilary LOVE it!

Flat rock overlooking the falls where he proposed:

The ring...

The happy couple...

When they arrived back at Ethan’s parent’s house, Hilary immediately called her brother (since we already knew) and then us, Gramz, and Uncle Wes. The rest of the phone calls were made when they came to Redding on Wednesday and had cell phone reception.

I promised Hilary I wouldn’t tell anyone until Wednesday night (after they had told some more people). Can you believe I was able to keep a secret from February 24th to March 14th? I am pretty proud of myself! It was killing Bob not to tell anyone, so when he went to get his haircut, he told the barber. Figured he was pretty safe! :0)

So, my daughter is engaged. I am a “Mother of the Bride”. I am experiencing all kinds of emotions: excited, thrilled, panic over the cost and work of a wedding, and of course, a little twinge of sadness because this was just yesterday (wasn’t it??????)…


  1. No....I can't believe you kept this to yourself that long! Congrats! When is the wedding? If you need any help just let me know. I'll help you anyway I can. Excited for you.

  2. Very exciting! I was just thinking the same thing, that it seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was holding baby Hilary while you took a shower! Such an adorable picture of her. Yes, very romantic, good job Ethan. Her Uncle Scott also takes very long showers, that must be where she gets it. Ha,ha! Much love, Jill