Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leaving for the DR

Lyle left on Sunday with a group of 25 kids and 4 adults from Redding Neighborhood Church to go to the Dominican Republic on a Missions Trip. They drove to San Francisco, flew to Miami Florida, and on to the DR. On the agenda for the week...cement work, cement work, and more cement work!!! He won't be home until Monday, April 9th.

They are meeting up with David and Aleah who moved to the DR in January. They, along with another missionary couple, will be heading up teams that come to the DR for various work projects. Aleah is the daughter of one of my good friends.

David and Aleah have been posting a picture everyday on their blog. Nice to see Lyle in their picture last night:

This is what David wrote on their blog: "They’re finally here! It’s only been two and a half months but it feels like we’ve been getting ready for teams forever. And finally our first team. I couldn’t think of a better group to have for our first team. The High School Ministry from our home church Neighborhood Church in Redding, CA.

I’m writing all of this a little late because it’s been pedal to the metal since they arrived. The group arrived 15 minutes early, at about 8:15 pm local time. We then loaded the bus and went to Rick and Tammie’s for a quick dinner of empenadas. During dinner we gave a brief orientation and welcome. Then we took the group to the hotel they’re staying at for the week.

Aleah used her spanish that she’s learned in the last two months to check everyone in at the hotel. I’m so proud of her. Seriously, I was surprised.

There will be a lot more to come this week. I’ll do my best to keep up. We start off tomorrow at 7am with prayer and breakfast and then it’s off to work. We’ll be at two construction sites. We’ll be working building a school and a church. It’s going to be a good week."

P.S. Will be VERY weird to have Easter without my two children!! :0(

P.S.S. Lyle shouldn't get separated from the group or lost with that bright orange sweatshirt! LOL

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