Monday, March 15, 2010

How Could I Be Lonely?

My life has really changed in the last couple of years. Since I am such a people person, sometimes I feel lonely. So, I'm thankful for this guy who hangs out with me and keeps me company during the day:

He follows me all around the house and even "helps" me make the bed sometimes:

Sometimes we play hide and seek together. Note: If he can't see you, then he thinks he is hidden. :0)

If I need to use the bathroom, he waits patiently, while hanging out in the sink, for me to finish:

Once in awhile, we take a nap together in the afternoon:

Yes, I DO talk to my cat during the day. Weird, I know. But, my cat listens to everything I say, never interrupts, never lets one of my secrets slip, and always has time for me.


  1. Awww, he is so sweet! I am glad you have each other for company. (((Hugs)))!

  2. What a beautiful cat. Glad you have some company during the day!