Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for a Great Thanksgiving

Once again, we spent Thanksgiving with our dear friends, the Kinniers. We always have such great food, wonderful fellowship, yummy desserts, and fun traditions.

When it's time to eat at the Kinnier's house, Mrs. Kinnier ALWAYS rings a bell to let people know to come to the table. This Thanksgiving, she let Anne, Hilary, and Lyle all pick a bell and ring them together. (This is a really big deal and honor!!)

Another tradition at the Kinnier's, is when we come to the table, we stand behind our chairs. Mrs. Kinnier says a few words (which makes me cry everytime), she prays, and then we sing the Doxology.

Here's my dear friend, Kaylynn:

Last, but not least, the tradition I LOVE!! After the meal, the young people clean up while they rest of us visit at the table. Nothing I like seeing more than a man washing dishes and two girls drying and putting away. From the sound of the laughter coming from the kitchen, I think they had a lot of fun, though! I poked my head in the kitchen and took a picture of them:

Thank you, Kinnier Family, for including us in your family Thanksgiving!

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