Monday, December 6, 2010


The Adopt-A-Family Program
Very generous people at my brother's work
Some great "Black Friday" deals
(at an ungodly hour in the morning)
for the best price
One very nice Christmas
for a single mother and her three children

My brother's work always "adopts" a family each Christmas, and he is in charge of the project. This year, the employees donated $770. My brother comes to Redding the day after Thanksgiving, and I help him with the shopping! Since he doesn't get here until the afternoon, Lyle and I get up VERY early to hit some of the "Black Friday" deals. I consider it a personal challenge to try to get the most for the money the employees have generously given! In addition to all the presents above (which will be wrapped by the people at my brother's work), we got a Safeway and Target gift card!

I thoroughly enjoy helping with this project each year! It is so rewarding and fun to know that someone will have a wonderful Christmas with presents from both their "most needed" list and some from their "most wanted" list!

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  1. That is crazy! You got a lot of great things! God bless you for always thinking of others. I'm glad you got to share in the joy of giving!