Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lyle!

Happy 17th Birthday to my favorite son - Lyle! Where have the years gone? (I know, I'm ALWAYS saying that). This seems like only yesterday:

Hilary looks so happy in this picture, but soon afterwards she had a major "melt down" when she found out we didn't use her name choice for a baby boy - Harry!! :0)

Lyle, thanks for being a great son! You are funny, talented, loyal, social, a faithful friend, encouraging, a great son, and will always be my baby. Hope you have a fantastic day and a great year!

And, in closing, just a random picture that was toooooo cute:


  1. Happy Birthday Lyle! Loved the story about Hillary's name choice. Aleah wanted to name Preston Wilbee (as in we'll be right back) and Tyler wanted to name him Michael W. Faires. That picture of him is too cute for words too!

  2. Happy Birthday Lyle! Loved the pics! <3<3<3