Friday, April 8, 2011

A Love/Hate Relationship

You love me and you hate me – how can that be?

The other night when I saw you enter the door at Starbucks, I nudged Peppermint Mocha and said, “Move aside; you’ve had her all winter. It’s spring, and I am now her choice of drink.” You didn’t disappoint me when you ordered – “A grande black sweetened ice tea”. I was beside myself with the excitement of a renewed relationship. You thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with your friend Becky as you slowly sipped my delicious, sweet taste. You reminded yourself how refreshing I am. You even talked about how much you love me during the course of the various conversations. I was feeling soooo loved.

Then at 1:37 a.m. (when you had never been asleep yet) you “changed your tune”. I contained too much caffeine and sugar, and I was keeping you awake. I was the reason you got up five times in the night to use the bathroom. You vowed several times to never drink me again at night. I was devastated! How could the love turn to hatred so quickly.

I tried to reason with you. Peppermint Mocha is just as bad, but I guess you used to drink that in the mornings with Becky. You assured me you would not drink that at night either! Apparently this Becky lady got a job which put an end to your morning meetings at Starbucks. So, she is the cause of the downfall of our Spring/Summer relationship!

You probably don’t want to come in by yourself some morning, but why not take a trip through the drive-through? We could take a ride together in the car and try to make our relationship work. You love me too much to let it go!


  1. Great post! Loved the creative writing. Plus the drink sounds delicious. Would it be considered two timing if I asked it out?

  2. are so silly and so cute. Thanks for the chuckles.