Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sacramento/Cousins' Fun

On Sunday, we took Lyle to Chico to meet up with Bob's cousin, Natalie. Natalie had to come to her brother Leonard's to pick up a BBQ, so it was the perfect time to "kidnap" Lyle for his annual week in Sacramento. He's having lots of fun hanging out with Micah (same age as Lyle) and Caleb (2 years younger). Also imagine he's playing some Lego's with Josiah and Webkins with little Esther. Everyone LOVES Lyle at Natalie's house! Last year, they sometimes fought over who got to do something with him. Always nice for an "ego boost"! :0

Lyle, Bob, Natalie, Caleb, Leonard
Esther, Spencer and Ethan (Leonard's sons)

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  1. Well at least part of it worked! I got a picture on this end and the description under it. Whatever was above the photo is not showing up though. Hope to help you with it soon!

    P.s. Thank you for the special card yesterday!