Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Casseroles Follow Crises

We are going through some difficult times right now; and when my neighbor, Emily, heard she insisted on making us dinner this week.  You know it wasn’t really necessary.  I’m not sick or physically hurt, so I am perfectly capable of putting together a meal.  But dishes carry more than nutrition; they carry comfort.  Have you ever heard the saying, “Casseroles follow crises like summer follows spring”?  Well, now you have!  

Surgeries, illnesses, deaths or even heart-breaking crises should prompt us to get busy in the kitchen because food is the most basic of gifts and a reminder of our need for nourishment even when our hearts are aching or our bodies are broken. Going through a crisis in your life is like falling out of the boat that is your normal life.  So when friends call, send a card or bring those casseroles, it’s as if they are throwing you a life preserver and hauling you back into the boat.

Sometimes people going through hard times want both food and company, while sometimes just a pan of enchiladas and a quick hug are enough.  If made by people who care about you, a casserole does indeed have amazing powers of healing.

So…send a card, pay a visit, make a phone call, or get out that 9x13 inch pan!

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  1. I have never heard that expression but how true it is! I love that Emily reached out and that you shared it with us!