Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother/Daughter Date

Guess where Hilary and I went Friday night?  We enjoyed a wonderful time at the Redding Rodeo.  

It was a great night and beautiful weather!  Felt sooooo nice to have to put on a sweatshirt.  We enjoyed every event.  The Mutton Bustin was so cute and fun to watch!

But the real reason we went to the Rodeo was to see the bull riding:

My Daddy LOVED to watch bull riding on TV.  When Hilary was 2 years old, she would grab Uncle Wesley's wooden rocking horse, sat as close as Gramz would let her to the television set, and pretend she was riding a bull.  Believe me, she was right up there with the best bull riders in the world!  :0)

Since that time, Hilary has LOVED bull riding (and me too!!).  

P.S.  Going to the Redding Rodeo was another thing to cross off my "Redding Bucket List"!!  HURRAY!

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  1. I remember that you had said you wanted to go to the Redding Rodeo and never had, so glad you got to go with your sweet Hilary. Bull Riding is also my favorite event. They have just bull riding event's up here that I would like to go to sometime. Much love to you both, Jill