Friday, May 17, 2013

Mothers' Day 2013

My brother came up this last weekend, and we took my Mom for a walk ride down memory lane.  We started the day with breakfast at Vic's Branding Iron, located at the Shasta Livestock Auction Yard in Cottonwood.  My Mom had a nice visit with Vic himself and other people she knew.  She grew up in Cottonwood, so always sees someone she knows when we eat there.

After I stop at Holiday Market for sandwiches and chips, we headed out Bowman Road to hit Highway 36. My great-grandparents used to live out Highway 36 on a large cattle ranch.  My Mom has many happy memories of times spent on the ranch.  My grandparents also ran cattle out there, so my brother and I also have many fond memories of times spent working cattle, marking and branding the cattle, etc.

We drove very slow and stopped to look at deer, wild turkeys, wildflowers, cattle, and other things.  We stopped to take pictures of this old bridge that has been around all my Mom's life.  They are building a new one and going to tear this one down.  Kind of sad!

At lunch time, we pulled off the road and ate.  We don't have to have a picnic table or anything, but we have to drink our soda out of cups with ice.  We are "snobs" that way and always have been.

After lunch and more riding, we stopped at Wild R Ranch for an ice cream treat at the store.

We drove all the way to Platina and then came home on the Ditchgrade Road that runs through Igo/Ono.  My Mom loved her day, and it was nice to be together with her and my brother!


  1. What a nice day. Nice to see your Mom looking so good. Love, Jill

  2. I'll bet that was the best day ever for your mom! Way to go Julie & Wes! And Happy Mother's Day to you Julie!