Friday, June 28, 2013


June 28, 2013.  It was supposed to be a momentous occasion—the day my daughter would walk down the aisle in her beautiful wedding gown, bouquet in hand, best friends at her side, family and friends looking on with joy.  It was supposed to be the day she started a new chapter, the day her dreams would be fulfilled.  It was supposed to be the day I started a new role—mother in law—to someone I loved like he was already one of my own.

But, God had other plans.  As much as it hurts, God is always there to pick up the pieces.  Marriage and family are still two things I want most for her, but I know that they’re in God’s control—not mine.  She must find fulfillment in God.  He is her rock, the one who deserves her love and attention right now.

While it is a daily struggle to trust Him with the things I care about so deeply, He has proven that He’s looking out for her.  I leave her future in God’s hands.


  1. You have all (and especially Hilary)been on my heart and in my prayers this week and especially today. Much love, Auntie Jill

  2. Thankful we have a God who cares about us SO well! We love your family and Hilary!