Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Trip

First of all, Happy Memorial Day to all of you friends and family!! Memorial Day is a reminder to us of all the men and women who have given their life fighting for our country! Thank you to all those who have served, have given their life, or are currently serving our country!! We owe our freedom to those men and women!

On Friday, my Moma and I left to drive down to Berkeley to see my brother, Wes:

We arrived with a trunk load of groceries for him. When he was up last, he couldn't believe the low prices at Winco, so we shopped for him before we left. While we were down there, we took him to a Mall to get a few things he needed and then to Lucky to grocery shop. When you ride Bart, it's hard to carry all your groceries, so you end up only getting a few things at a time. This trip he was able to stock up on some things since Moma drove us plus he had two other people to help carry everything up the stairs to his apartment.

What did we do all weekend? Glad you asked!! We sat around and visited, watched movies (well, I slept while Moma and Wes watched movies), watched a ballgame and ATE, ATE, ATE!!! All Haleys love to eat!! When we were done with one meal, we were talking about and planning where to eat the next one. We had Chinese Food, Italian Food, Pizza, yummy breakfasts, hamburgers and fries, ice cream, and PEPSI, PEPSI, PEPSI (another thing our family loves).

On Friday night, we walked to this little authentic Italian place. The restaurant was so cool inside. They had an open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant. It was sooo fun, and the food was very, very delicious. I love Olive Garden, but this place made Olive Garden taste like McDonald's. The bread was the most delicious bread I had ever tasted in my life. I made a pig of myself and was almost full when my entree came. Notice in the picture below that my Moma and I are wearing our winter coats -- and I had a long-sleeved shirt and sweatshirt under the coat. And sometimes I even wore my hood. It was freezing the whole weekend!! Of course, after the Redding heat, we thoroughly enjoyed the cold and never complained!!

On Saturday, we drove into San Francisco to meet our friend Greg for lunch at the Double Play. This bar and grill is 100 years old.

Note: Greg thanked me for all your prayers for him during his recent surgery. Some of you will remember him from an older post.

The Double Play is like a baseball museum. They have a lot of baseball memorabilia, the walls are painted to look like a baseball stadium with fans, and the floor looks like a baseball diamond.

The picture below is looking across the street from the Double Play. That used to be the Seals (S.F. team before the Giants) Baseball Stadium in San Francisco. It was tore down in 1959. The red part is where home plate used to be.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!! Thanks for reading my LOOOONNNNGGGG blog entry!!


  1. Hello!! thank you Julie.. I miss all your face, thank you for the post, i am glad you guys had a such wonderful weekend!!! I enjoy read your blog! ^_^

  2. Sounds like a good time. Of course it is always nice to be with family and do what is natural.

  3. I enjoyed your fun weekend vicariously through the blog! How great that you and your mom made the trip together!