Sunday, May 3, 2009

It Puzzles Me...

Bill Giovannetti, the pastor of Redding Neighborhood Church, has been preaching a series on "Can You Feel It -- God's Wisdom on Human Emotion". Pastor Bill doesn't know a thing about my life and what I am experiencing. In fact, he has never even met me. So, how is it that every Sunday he preaches a sermon just for me, covering topics of things I am going through right at that moment? It puzzles me...


  1. TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! I have taken away more from his sermons these last few weeks than any sermon I've ever heard! It's like he's reading my internal blog! :) We seriosly need to meet up at Starbys and catch up!

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  3. In one of his recent blogs Pastor Bill said that he often chooses his sermon series on what people are asking about when they have questions for him. So, you must be in good company as to what you are dealing with. I need to get the cd's obviously. At the Well we no longer hear Bill via the dvd. Todd Skinner speaks live. Love that but also should get the new series to listen to. Thanks for the 4-1-1.

    p.s. I deleted the first comment since I used one word twice and it bugged me. :-)