Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Back!





Whatever it was, it knocked me flat for 8 days!! Besides having pneumonia once, I never remember being that sick. All those days of staying home, and I didn't even feel like reading, watching TV, or reading and commenting on blogs. How sad is that!! Oh, and by the way, being the generous, loving, caring person I am -- I shared it with Bob!!

P.S. My brother told me how to tell the difference between swine flu and bird flu. Swine flu can be helped with "oink"ment. But, if you have the bird flu, you need "tweet"ment.


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  2. So sorry to read that you have had that flu. I was wondering why nothing was being blogged. I did pray for you a few times, but I thought you where involved with Hilary's problem. I should have been more of a friend and checked on you SORRY. I guess we learn from our mistakes. I'll try to do better next time. Wilburn family had it also, especially Jed and Isabella.

  3. Wow! Rest up and recuperate until you are feeling 100%. So sad to hear you were sick. Loved your bro's puns about the differences between the 2 flu's. :-)

    Let's try and get together before Christmas....

  4. So glad you are Ok now!!! Good to see you are back!!!