Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

In spite of everything going on in the world, the economy, health issues this year, and the everyday grind of life, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for. I have realized, in the last several months, that instead of dwelling on all our problems and the little things that drive you crazy, we need to dwell on all the things we have to be thankful for - develop an attitude of gratitude!! When we do, it makes life seem so much better!! I've been keeping a list of things I'm thankful for, and its getting soooo long!! Here's some of the things on my list:
  • I'm so thankful that God loves me, as imperfect as I am. I'm thankful for my church where I'm learning that it's not what I can do for God but what He has done for me!!

  • I'm thankful for my wonderful husband. He works hard to support our family, is a great father to our children, loves me (as imperfect as I am :0) ), and on top of all that, HE'S CUTE!!
  • I'm thankful for two healthy children who are my pride and joy. Hilary and Lyle bring much joy and fun into my life.

  • I'm thankful for my awesome friends! A few years ago I went through a very difficult thing, and I lost some of my most precious friends. I grieved and grieved for over a year (until God prompted me to "let it go"!). This year, on my birthday, God showed me that I still have many, many friends that love me! Thank you to each one of you that I am blessed to call "friend". You have supported and encouraged me through the years!!

We had a great Thanksgiving. We were invited to the Kinniers, and we always love going to their house. When Lyle was in third grade and in an All-School Musical, his teacher commented to him, "I saw your Mommy today with your grandparents." In childlike simplicity, he responded, "Oh, all my grandparents are dead except for my grandma. Those people are my pretend grandparents." After the teacher shared that with me, it just stuck!!! And oh what wonderful pretend grandparents they have been. They haven't missed a single school function, play, performance, graduation, etc. They have loved on my children, spent time with them, and had us over to their house 1,000,000 times (not much of an exaggeration). WE LOVE THE KINNIERS!!

We had such a wonderful dinner, great fellowship, a fun game of Bunco, and pies, pies, and more pies!! Two things I especially love about eating any meal anytime of the year at the Kinniers:

  • Mrs. Kinnier lets one of the kids ring the bell when dinner is ready. Lyle got to ring it this year.

  • After Mrs. Kinnier tells us where we are sitting, we stand in back of our chairs. We all join hands and sing the doxology together and then she prays!! It is sooooooooo awesome!!

My pictures didn't turn out very good, but I'll post them anyway (mostly for Jill - We missed you guys!!):

Sorry this post is so long!

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  1. Loved hearing that you went to the Kinniers for Thanksgiving. They are the bomb and have been great pretend grandparents to my kids as well. Tyler and Aleah have fond memories of the days when Uncle Ken and Aunt Helen watched them while mommy and daddy went to worship team practice.
    I love your attitude of gratitude as well. You are loved my friend.