Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I haven't been very faithful at getting my film developed this year (one of my New Year's Resolutions). Most of my resolutions die a slow and quiet death. As January winds down, so does my motivation. :( It's not the resolution that is at fault, it's the follow-through. Resolutions are easy to make but much harder to make real in the everyday busyness of life.

I need to stop beating myself up and congratulate myself on getting some rolls developed this year!! Something is better than nothing -- right??

I did get a roll developed this week! Check out this picture, and tell me if you don't agree this is one of the cutest pictures you have ever seen!!

Lyle and Hannah Hathcock were 5 years old in this picture. They were best buddies and truly loved each other. As they got older, kids teased them sometimes. It was hard for other children to understand their relationship. They had been inseparable since birth and were as close as a brother and sister (without all the fighting). Oh the many memories that flooded me when I looked at this picture.

I think I'll head to the store to drop off another roll of film!! :)


  1. What a treat! I LOVE that Lyle is sooooo old now and you just got that developed! Hahahahaha

    Cute picture...go get more done, who knows what blessings will be there!

  2. I agree! Cute, cute, cute! I'm with Inger...go get more developed!