Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tea For Two (or Six)

Several weeks ago, Hilary asked me to help her put on a tea party for some of her friends. We had such a fun time gathering ideas and recipes and planning the party. Hilary invited ten girls, and six were able to come. Wanted to invite you to join us, too, through pictures:

First, pick out your favorite teacup:

Then decide what kind of tea you would like. Don't forget the sugar cubes!!!

Next, load up your plate with lots of goodies:

You'll want to have a chocolate-dipped strawberry and a cheesecake chocolate dessert cup:

You have your choice of ham and cheese, salami and cheese or cucumber sandwiches. Why not try one of each?

Don't forget to get a fruit kabob and some homemade chocolate chip cookies:

Hilary made regular and vanilla scones from a recipe she found on the internet. There were delicious. Don't forget to put some berry or stawberry preserves on your scone:

Here's the girls young ladies gathered around the table. Join them for some "girl talk" and laughter!!

Thanks for joining us!! Hope you had a great time at the "picture" tea party!

(As I sit typing this post, I can hear the girls in the kitchen talking and laughing. What a joy it brings to my heart to hear their laughter. )


  1. Wow, everything looked so good! You guys did a great job. What a fun thing to do. Way to go Hilary, you are the best. And Julie what a great Mom to help. Love you both lots, Jill

  2. I love it all! I have always been too nervous to try scone-making. A baker I am not! Loved all the pics and descriptions. The plates and napkins were Soooo cute too!

  3. This is exactly how I imagine Tessa being...I hope so. But really it is so her personality to throw a tea. Thanks for the tea and have a lovely day. Very Very Sweet!!!

  4. Wow, that looks like so much fun! The joys of having girls huh?! Everything you made looks yummy, my mouth is watering. What a great idea!