Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Redding Christian School Musical

Practices, practices, and some more practices are underway for Redding Christian's All-School Musical (They practice four days a week after school). They will be performing Oliver at the Cascade Theater on October 22nd and 23rd. If you have never been to one of their musicals, you should plan to come. They do a fantastic job!!

Auditions were held the first part of August, and practices started that week. The auditions included preparing and singing a solo, learning a dance at auditions and performing it, and then singing a song that Mrs. Orr picked from the musical.
If you come to the musical, be sure and watch for this guy:

Yes, Lyle got the part of Artful Dodger. He even has two solos!! Way to go, Lyle!!!

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  1. Congrats Lyle! I sure hope I can make it this year!! You do look a little like the pic your mom posted on the blog of Artful Dodger!