Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Yes, it's a BIG week! Dress rehearsals today and tomorrow, and then it's opening night!

There is SOOOOO MUCH work that is done before the actual performances. It takes a lot of people to make something like this happen. Lyle and I have spent the last three Saturdays at Mrs. Orr's house. Most of us worked on paper macheing the trees that Mrs. Orr built:

My job was being a "dipper". Sat on the ground for 5-6 hours and dipped paper in the "goop", removed the excess, and handed it to our paper mache crew:

The men built various things:

A couple of the ladies worked on finding costumes:

Many of the young people painted sets:

Then, on this last Saturday, we met to load everything on trailers and transport it to the school. It was a big job loading AND unloading:

Then began the task of putting it all together! It will eventually look like a huge tree fort!

I must say it has been a lot of hard, hard work BUT has also been a lot of fun working with the other parents, chatting while we worked, and laughing a lot!

Can't wait for opening night on Wednesday!!!


  1. I know it will be great. Sure would be fun to be there and see it and see Lyle perform! As they say, "Break a leg Lyle" Love you, Jill(Auntie)