Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RCHS Winter Banquet

Last Saturday night was Redding Christian High School's Winter Banquet (aka Winter Dance) at the Red Lion. Lyle decided to go "solo" this year. I must tell you that he was NOT happy that I insisted on taking his picture before he left. Oh well!! Doesn't look like he minded people taking his picture at the Banquet. :0)

It's sort of a tradition that after the Banquet, the Juniors and Seniors have an "After Banquet Party". The Warren's graciously opened their home for the Juniors. They played games and danced some more. After listening to all the talk, I've come to the conclusion that the Banquet was great, but the "After Party" was even greater!!!

P.S. My son thinks Converse tennis shoes go with EVERYTHING!! What happened to dress shoes? I can envision him at the wedding altar someday with a tux and converse! :0)


  1. What great memories! I enjoyed hearing about the after party at lunch the other day.

  2. Converse looks great! At our wedding the groomsmen wanted to know what I meant by "dress shoes". They all wanted to know if cowboy boots would apply. I said they all wore their cowboy boots! Looking forward to seeing you...has anyone decided on a date that would work?

  3. Of course he didn't mind having his picture taken with a bunch of girls! What a guy. Love,Jill