Sunday, September 11, 2011

Humboldt State University - Part II (The Dorms)


In the center of this picture is the gate where you enter the courtyard of Hilary's dorm building. She must use her card AND a password to enter the gate.

This is the Marketplace for her dorm building. You can go through the store and come to another gate to get into her courtyard.

The Marketplace is beautiful inside and huge. I only took pictures of parts of it. The kids can use their "J' points (their meal card) to buy things in the store.

In addition to being a grocery store, it has a deli area where you can buy slices of pizza, chicken, etc. It also has 2 different kinds of soup, a beautiful fruit bar with three kinds of yogurt and on the other side of the fruit bar (below) is a great salad bar.

They also have a coffee shop and sell pastries.

Upstairs, above the Marketplace, is the Great Hall for her dorm building. It is a beautiful room with a fireplace. The next night after she moved in they were going to have a movie night in this room. They also have other activities in here just for the people in her dorm.

Hilary lives in what they call a suite (much like an apartment). There are six people in her suite. Tim and Hilary both have a single room. Nate and Everett and Katie and Briel each share a double room. When you walk in the door, you are in the common area. The dining room...

The living room...

and the kitchen...

Hilary and Tim's rooms and their bathroom is off the kitchen. The two double rooms and the other bathroom is down the hall from the dining room. Here's looking from the kitchen down into Hilary's room.

Each dorm building has a nice courtyard area with benches, trees, and bike racks. It is really nice.

Here's a couple of pictures of Hilary's room:

We only met three of Hilary's roommates, but they were soooo nice. Offered to help us carry things up and then invited us to go into Arcata with them for lunch. We went to one of the HSU kids' favorite hang outs:

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  1. That Marketplace looks incredible. I would use all my meal points there. That is a great idea!

  2. Looks like things are nice for Hilary. Sorry for your empty room. But the children do grow up and do things on their own. God bless you and your family.