Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Humboldt State University - Part III (The Campus)

So, blog readers, want to go on a little tour of Humboldt State University campus? HSU stands for Humboldt State University and also stands for hills, stairs, and umbrellas. They told us that Humboldt has more stairs on their campus than students -- 15,000 stairs (and only 7,500 students). :0) Anywhere you go on the campus, it is either uphill or downhill. After walking uphill, we encountered these stairs. I was EXHAUSTED after our tour!! You should be glad you are going on this "blog tour" instead.

This is the Student Center/Cafeteria, known as the jolly giants common or the "J" for short. The Cafeteria is 1/2 mile one way from Hilary's dorm. I, personally, would build up quite an appetite just walking to the "J".

When you drive up to HSU, it doesn't look like the typical college campus. My first question was, "Where are all the classrooms?" Well, they are nestled and hidden in the trees:

Here's the Library:

How would you like to have an 8:00 a.m. class in this building? The stairs going up to this building are something. (This building was built in 1921.)

This is the Campus Bookstore and courtyard area. Last Wednesday they had a Club Fair in the courtyard area. You could go and check out all the campus clubs.

They have beautiful walking trails at one end of the campus. Nice trails and benches along the way.

Okay, for the sports' fans, here's a picture of the arena where the HSU basketball games are played:

The football field (go HSU Lumberjacks!!)...

The indoor pool...

They have a Student Recreation Center that the students can use for free anytime they want. There was 3 rooms filled with all kinds of machines.

They even have this rock climbing wall...

Well, thank you for joining me on this tour. It is a beautiful campus!

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  1. I enjoyed the tour very much. Thank you! I pray Hilary and Ethan have a wonderful year!