Friday, January 13, 2012

Fly to Jesus

Through waterfall tears (which is why I couldn't find a better picture than that one taken at my 50th birthday), I write this blog post. I said my goodbyes today to one of the dearest people in my life, Ken Kinnier. Soon we'll walk together on that road of grief, surrounding each other, lifting Mrs. Kinnier and her family up, celebrating his life. So much pain, so many tears, so many memories.

Before I left his room, I sang part of a song:

And with your final heartbeat,
You’ll kiss the world goodbye,
And go in peace and laugh on glory’s side.
So fly to Jesus.
Fly to Jesus.
Fly to Jesus and live.

Yes, he’s headed home to Jesus soon. No more Huntington’s Disease. A blessed reunion with family and friends who have went before. His finish line is in sight, a well paced race ran with determination and endurance. And there is no doubt in my mind and anyone else who knows Ken Kinnier, that he will hear Jesus say, “Well done!” So, Mr. Kinnier, fly to Jesus and live!


  1. Mr. Kinnier is a special person in my life as well. Probably more like a grandpa than my own. Glad he will be with Jesus soon, but we will miss his quiet dearness here.

  2. Julie, thru my tears I thank you. My Uncle Ken is such a dear man and I will miss him very much and look forward to seeing him in heaven.
    Love you, Jill