Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Review of 2012 -- Part II


Lyle went on a Missions Trip to the Dominican Republic with the high school group from Redding Neighborhood Church.

They were involved in a work project:

Spent time with people and played with the kids (sorry, I could NOT get this picture to be right):

And ended the trip with some sightseeing and a trip to the beach:

Attended the wedding of my special friend, Alyssa Gorman:

Got to hang out with some dear, dear friends, Gene and Rita Colbert.  I worked at NVBC for years with Gene, and he was one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PEOPLE!!!

Lyle turned 18!!!  Gramz gave him Papa's shotgun for his 18th birthday:

My Uncle Les passed away.  The Hencratt Family celebrated his life in Cottonwood with a nice service and time of fellowship afterwards:

Lyle took Donnel to U Prep's prom.  They went with a group of friends and had a great time:


Bob and I took a trip to the coast to visit Hilary and Ethan.  We helped Hilary move into a restored Victorian house in Eureka.

A visit to the coast MUST include a trip to Samoa Cookhouse for breakfast:

And a hike through the forest to see all the fascinating things the Forestry majors have checked out on field trips.  It's soooo great to go with Ethan because he points out all kinds of interesting things and explains them.  LOVE THAT!

And a trip to the Eureka Zoo: 


Hilary and I attended a bridal shower for her childhood friend, Jordan:


Lyle traveled with the RCHS Choir to compete at the Association of Christian Schools International Music Competition:

To be continued...

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  1. I learned some things on this post AND saw a picture of my beautiful daughter :) I guess I never realized that hilary lived in that cool old Victorian either!