Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Third Child

In June of 2009, God blessed me with a third child!  Although not a child by birth, Ethan was placed in my heart that day.  And...I have grown to love this young man like he was my own.  I am so thankful that Hilary and Ethan have been dating for three and a half years, and we have had that time to build a relationship with E.  I'm excited that in six short months, he will officially become my son by marriage.
Ethan treats my daughter like a queen, takes such good care of her, encourages her, and loves her in spite of her faults.  We are blessed!  Yes, my daughter is marrying a wonderful guy who we love dearly.  

Lyle is excited (and I quote him) to "finally have a brother!  YES!"

I love you, Ethan!  Glad you will be a part of our family FOREVER!!

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  1. Yay Ethan! A real keeper and I I know what a great blessing son in laws are!