Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Halloween - Haley Style

Tonight was our Annual Haley Halloween Party (held the Sunday before Halloween).  As always, we had a GREAT time!  A big thank you to my Aunt Monda (who dressed like a spider) for always hosting our family get togethers:

Lyle went as Kent Clark, and Jeremy and Ashley came dressed as ghosts:

There was food, food, and some more food and lots of yummy desserts.  And we always enjoy such sweet fellowship around the tables.  Just as a side note, we have a table for the "older" folks, a "middle age" table (where I sit these days) and a table for the "kids".  We have ALWAYS done this at Haley family get-togethers since I was a little child.

There was a pumpkin carving contest, enjoyed by both the young and old.  Here are a few of the pumpkins and pictures of the teams working on them:

Of course, I had my favorite team  --  TEAM JONES!!  We Bob and Lyle made a cat pumpkin:

After we were done carving our pumpkins, my Aunt asked the man who rents her big house to come over and judge the contest.  He said it was a tough decision. the end...TEAM JONES WON FIRST PLACE!!!

After the contest, we bobbed for apples:

At the end of the evening, we left with a sack of candy:

P.S.  Hilary, Ted and Uncle Wes we missed you!!!!!!! :0(

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