Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Onward to Hayward -- Part III

On Sunday, we went out to breakfast and then to this huge mall:

After shopping until we dropped, we walked to this beautiful park that is a block away from where my brother lives.  They had a train that went all around the park, and we took a ride!  The park is beautiful and has a train, carousal, and a petting zoo.

After exploring the park, we toured this beautiful Victorian home that is near my brother's house.  It is owned by the Hayward Historical Society.  The last remaining member of the family who owned it lived there until he was 102.  It was sooooo beautiful and well maintained.  The furnishings, etc. were also beautiful.

We also toured the carriage house:

What a fantastic weekend we had with my brother!  My mom thoroughly enjoyed everything we did and especially loved being with both of her children!!!

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