Thursday, October 3, 2013

Onward to Hayward -- Part I

A couple of weeks ago, my Mom and I went to visit my brother, see his new place, and celebrate my Mom's birthday.  We stopped for lunch at Granzela's in Williams and went to Marshall's and shopped a little bit. 

My brother is now the Assistant Manager of Wittenberg Manor, a low-income senior housing facility in Hayward.  He has a nice little apartment, and I must say the grounds are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

We toured the whole grounds and facility.  In the back, they have a little section of ground for each apartment where the residents can grow some vegetables and/or flowers.  In addition to the apartments, they have a beautiful Dining Room, Kitchen, Activity Room (where you can play pool, ping pong, bingo, etc.), a library, and a spot where people can come and work on a jigsaw puzzle.  They have lots of parties and activities including bingo, coffee hour on Fridays, Bible studies, exercise classes, etc.  I MUST SAY THAT I WANTED TO MOVE IN!!  :0)

I will confess that when we visit my brother, we tend to just live from one meal to the next.  We are barely finished with one meal when we are thinking about where we want to go for the next one.  It's ALL about eating!!

Friday night, we went to Chili's, one of my most favorite restaurants.  Wish we had one in Redding.  We had some delicious appetizers and food.  Went back to my brother's apartment and played pinochle half the night.

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