Saturday, April 25, 2009

Congratulations, Hilary!!

Last night we attended the Shasta College 2009 Induction Service for Phi Theta Kappa. Here's a re-cap of the night, told through pictures. For those of you who missed my blog on Hilary's acceptance, I will, once again, quote from a letter Hilary received: "Congratulations on your academic achievement! As a result of your dedication to scholarly success, the Phi Theta Kappa chapter on this campus extends to you membership in the International Honor Society of two-year colleges. Membership eligibility is based on the number of hours you have completed and your outstanding GPA; therefore, membership is a special honor afford to a small group of outstanding students..."

Inductees filing in:

Hilary waiting to have her name and major announced (She is now officially majoring in Physics):

After signing the register, each inductee receives a white carnation which symbolizes purity:

Shaking hands with the Dean of Students, Academic Advisor, and Phi Theta Kappa officers:

Filing out:

After the ceremony:

Hilary showing off her pin and certificate:

Please bear with me, I'm one proud Mama!!! Hilary has to work really hard for her grades, and she has done such an excellent job!!! Congratulations, Hilary!! I love you!


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  2. What an incredible accomplishment. You all 4 have every right to be proud! Especially Hillary! Majoring in physics? I never even took physics! You go girl!

  3. First, let me say congratulations to both mom & daughter! What beautiful girls.

    And second, Julie, thank you for visiting my blog ( I read your comment and am just blessed that God spoke to you through the words He led me to share there. I knew there was a reason, and it was YOU! Hugs to you, from another of Kimmy's 'old' friends...

  4. Congratulations to a wonderful niece!! I just read this, a little late I guess, but better late than never. We are so proud of you Hilary! Thanks for sharing this Julie! Love you all and miss you. Judy