Thursday, April 16, 2009


Regarding the below post:

  1. I love my husband very, very much!
  2. We are NOT getting a divorce (nor are we having marriage problems)

I'm new at this blogging, so here's Rule #1 that I've learned:

  1. When you write something, you know exactly what you mean but others may not know what you mean.

P.S. Kim, thank you for your great advice!!


  1. What is said on a blog is open to all and all can interpert as they wish. So I guess comments need to be very precise with nothing left for the imagination. But keep blogging you have lots of wisdom to share.

  2. Just for the record...I wouldn't have thought that was what you were talking about from your previous post. But I guess it's possible....

  3. I assumed you were talking about a friendship, not any family relationships. That is the one bad thing about blogging, without tone of voice and facial expressions, sometimes it's easy for people to jump to wrong conclusions. Don't let it stop you from blogging, though, I like to read your posts!! :)