Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Judy!!

Judy Richardson -- the sister I received the day I married Glenn Robert Jones. And 25 years later, one of my dearest friends!!

I love Wes very much and enjoyed having a big brother when I was growing up, but I must admit that sometimes I wished I had a sister too. Well, the day I married Bob, I was blessed with the best sister ever. My "sister" is loving, caring, sensitive to me and my needs, helpful, always there for me with a listening ear, fun, complimentary, encouraging, believes in me, solid in her faith, a great example of a wife and mother...You get the picture -- She's AWESOME!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my dear sister and friend! I love you, Judy! Oh how I wished we lived closer!! If we did, I would bring you these flowers:

Then we would go out for some coffee:

Next would be some fun shopping:

Followed by a great lunch at a Chinese Restaurant (or wherever you picked):

P.S. Along with that sister, I should mention that I got a really great brother-in-law who means the world to me. Love you, too, George!

P.S.S. Look at that picture -- don't they make a cute couple!!!


  1. Great post to a great lady! Happy Birthday Judy!

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Julie! You are a great sister too and I love you! I do wish we could do all those things together too. Next time we are together we will have to make it a day! Miss you! Thanks again. Judy