Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my husband and my children's Dad, Bob! Thank you for being there for us, for being our provider, our mentor, and our protector. Thank you for your strength, confidence, patience, and your wisdom.

If you are reading this post and your Dad is still with you, please take some time this Father’s Day and tell him how much he means to you. Time goes by so fast and only God knows how much time we have left on this Earth. I never thought my Dad would die while I was only in my 30s and my children were seven and three. I am sure anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows exactly how I feel. Life is too short.

If you are like me and have lost your father, spend some time alone if you can, thinking about your own childhood and remembering your father in your own special way. I think most people stop celebrating Father's Day after their father has died but I still mark this day. Like it or not, kids who have lost their fathers can’t stick their head in the sand and pretend Father’s Day doesn’t bring a flood of memories to the surface.

To all the men in my life who have played or still play a big or small role, Happy Father's Day!!

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