Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "Geek" Gene

I first learned about the "geek" gene at the Jones' Family Thanksgiving Dinner in 1983. I went to Bob's Auntie Yvonne and Uncle Allen's house to meet his family. We had been engaged four whole days, and Bob was anxious for me to meet all his family. I can't really describe what the "geek" gene is, but most of Bob's family has it!! I soon learned that being a "geek" is something the Jones are mighty proud of! They all love science fiction, Star Trek, and they refer to their brains as "the Jones dictionary of non-essential information". Well, I was forewarned that day -- If Bob and I decided to have children, there was a 50% chance that they could have the "geek" gene. Some of the Jones' offspring have it; some don't!! Well, at about 4 years old, we decided that Hilary definitely had the "geek" gene passed down from her Daddy!

This afternoon, Bob and Hilary left for a quick trip to Sacramento. For several years, Hilary has been a student member of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics). She received an invitation to attend a Dinner/Lecture in Sacramento:

Speaker: Mel Bulman, Chief Engineer, Advanced Propulsion, Aerojet

Subject: The History of Nuclear Propulsion Development: 1950's to Present

And, here's the "blurp" that was on the invitation:

“The navigation of the solar system requires for its successful accomplishment on the disintegration of atomic matter.” – Robert H. Goddard 1907. It has long been recognized that nuclear power is required for practical interplanetary travel. This presentation covers the history and future potential for Space Nuclear Propulsion. Actual Test footage and NASA animated missions will accompany the talk."

To that I say,


Bob and Hilary were soooo excited!! Guess when you're a "geek", things like this sound interesting! :)

Well, I must go! Lyle and I (the "normal" ones) are going out to dinner and hang out while the "geeks" are gone!!


  1. I definitely don't have a geek gene anywhere near me...That quote looked like blah, blah, blah, blah to me.
    And they can understand it. I would have been at dinner with you and Lyle for sure!

  2. Ditto to your comment about understanding the invitation. I would have dinner with you,Lyle, and Kim.