Friday, June 26, 2009

Life Is Uncertain

One thing is for certain, life is uncertain!! Some of you will remember my post last week about the Haley Family Reunion. Well, we just received a phone call that my cousin's wife, Bonnie Haley, died very suddenly today of a brain aneurysm. Here's a picture of Bonnie with her husband and brother-in-law (back row), their two daughters (on each end), and their three grandchildren (front row):

Just two weeks ago tomorrow we were all together, laughing and having such a good time, and now she is gone!!


  1. How very sad! Life really does take turns that we don't expect, but we must accept them and trust the One who holds the future.

    Previous "geek" post...hilarious! That invitation...yawn!! Hahahaha

  2. That is just unbelievable. So glad that you had the time together as a family a few weeks ago.