Monday, July 12, 2010

A Blogging "Funk"

Generally feelings follow actions, so as soon as you start doing something, eventually you start feeling the desire to do it. But is the same true for blogging? If you don’t feel like blogging, is it time to blog? This past month I haven’t felt much like blogging. Not sure why. After a while I wondered what I would even write about. I didn’t have much to say. Coming up with something original required too much effort.

But today is a new day, and I am determined to write a “catch up” post (except I now realize there is not much to “catch up” on because I've been in a picture taking "funk" also). Oh well! As my friend, Kim, would say, "It is what it is!"

We all went to a great jazz concert with our friends, John and Liz Ritz (Lyle was taking the picture):

Hilary's friend, Elaine, passed through Redding and spent the night with us:

My brother, Wes, came up for 4th of July weekend and stayed with us. On Saturday, Wes and his "Brother-in-law Booby" (yes that's what he calls Bob) did yard work at Moma's house. On Sunday, we celebrated Wes' 54th Birthday. He picked to go to Logan's (because that's Ethan's favorite, and he likes Ethan best):

After dinner, we ate cake and ice cream, opened presents, and played games.

On the 4th of July, we watch the Redding Fireworks from our sliding glass door in the kitchen. Every year the kids beg to go up on the roof to watch the fireworks, and the answer is ALWAYS no! Well, this year Daddy said, "YES!!!!!" HURRAY!!! Ethan, Hilary, Bob, and Lyle enjoyed the fireworks from the roof while my brother and I stood at the sliding glass door. As far as the kids are concerned, this is now going to be an every year tradition:

Last, but not least (since several of you have asked), these two are still an item!!


  1. As always your post was inspired! Love the new layout and there was a lot of things I didn't know. Pretty much everything, next time I guess we need to talk more at lunch!

  2. Love your post! Missing you all! We need to get together soon!!!! (((Hugs))) to everyone!