Saturday, July 17, 2010

Okay, The Scenery IS nice!

After I saw some of the pictures Emilee took on Lyle's backpacking trip, I will agree with my children that the scenery is soooooooooo beautiful. BUT, I'm still not interested in going. Here's some pictures for the WHIMPS who like beautiful scenery but have no interest in going backpacking:

It was a l--o--n--g day!! Driving from Redding to the trail head in the Trinity Alps and then a 9-mile hike into Morris Meadow:

Finally there!!! Drop those packs and pose for a picture:

Dinner time at camp. After a long, tiring day, I guess that freeze-dried food tastes pretty good:

At night, the kids talked and talked and played cards. One night, the people camping across the meadow challenged them to a game of ultimate frisbee after dinner:

Hey, here's that little deer that ate Lyle's clothes (see post below):

One of the rattlesnack skins:

They went on several day hikes:

Here they are at Sapphire Lake. P.S. They caught 3 ladies skinny dipping (can you imagine how cold the water was) in the lake! When they saw the group, they hurried and got out and into their clothes. :0)

Here's Emerald Lake:

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  1. It does look beautiful, but I'm still not interested. I thought it was pretty crazy how the deer ate his clothes too, and kind of creepy. "Attack of the clothes eating, sweat seeking deer!"