Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Handyman Hubby

Three weeks ago, our 17-year old furnace quit working. It was a long, COLD weekend in our home. Between our fireplace and a heater our neighbors loaned us, we were able to “camp out” in the family room and keep somewhat warm.

On Sunday, Bob did some “investigating” and thought he discovered what the problem was. After a trip to J.W. Woods on Monday morning to purchase the part, he was able to fix it. Can you imagine what the repair bill would have been?

I am SOOOOO fortunate to have a handyman hubby. Bob is definitely a “Jack of all trades”. He can do some electrical work, fix any plumbing job, possesses carpentry skills, does repairs to our vehicles (when the repairs don’t involve complicated computer systems), is able to figure out the problem and fix our computer most of the time, can do concrete work, and performs other household repairs on a regular basis! Besides all these things, he can cook, help edit an English paper, and draw incredibly well. I think I hit the jackpot!!

I love my handyman hubby!


  1. He and Les must be twins seperated at birth! I am blessed to have a great "handy" husband too. They are the best!!

  2. Don't you love it! I have my own pair here too! Handyman hubby can fix everything and handyman son who takes after his father, and, is also a computer geek!

  3. Yes, he is definitely a keeper!! Love, Jill